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St Sebastian

The St. Sebastian Medal is awarded to a high-achieving student athlete who exhibits the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork, academics, and a high respect for school, classmates, teammates, opponents, parish, and the community. Emma was the well-deserving 2018 recipient.

St Patrick

Keller and Emilie received the Spirit of St. Patrick Award for best exemplifying a strong presence of faith, obedience to God, and constantly seeking ways to help others.


The Aquinas Medal is awarded to one student who embodies the qualities we seek to instill in our students. Joey was selected for his relationship to school life and his service to the church and the community at large.

Kindergarten Grows

Growing God’s goodness. Kindergarten planted marigold seeds in science class today. They reviewed what seeds need in order to properly grow, and what could keep a seed from growing. The students will be responsible for watering their plants daily and making sure they are properly in the sunlight. We can’t wait to see what God […]

1st Chicks

First-graders got 12 fluffy lessons in Embryology. The first-graders in Susan Moody’s classroom may have settled the age-old debate about which came first, the chicken or the egg. Sort of.  At St Patrick School, the egg arrived first.  The class project let students incubate eggs and monitor the results. And three weeks later there are […]

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