Snow Day Assignment #3

Image result for image of a snowflake clipartSnow Day Assignment

                            Friday,  January 5, 2018

Please complete and bring to school with you the next day.

  • Image result for measuring tool clip artMeasure the snow at your house.  Use the information about your measurement to write an informative paper about the weather.

  • Remember to use opening sentence that sums up the information in your details.
  • Remember to write at least 3 details about weather.
  • Remember to wrap up your paragraph with a feeling about your opening sentence.
  • ***Don’t forget to INDENT.
  • Be sure to proof read your paragraph and pick at least 3 words that you can make stronger.
  • Image result for math clip artComplete the following math problems on paper.

A plane flew 1,838 miles on the first day. It flew 2,347 miles on the second day. How many miles did it fly in all?


Draw the money amounts for the following items.

Image result for hamburger clip art  $1.59                Image result for fries clip art  $ .89              Image result for drink clip art  $1.09         Image result for ice cream cone clip art   $ .77


Image result for image of a parent and child clipartKeep practicing multiplication facts with a grownup. Please write a sentence stating what facts you practiced and have your grownup sign his/her name.  For example:  Today I practiced my 6 and 7 multiplication facts with Grandma.           X ______________

  • Image result for prayer clip artSay a prayer for all the children that are cold today.

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