Snow Day Assignment #1

Image result for snowflakeSnow Day Assignment

                            Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Please complete and bring to school with you the next day.

  • Image result for new year resolution clip artWelcome to 2018.  Write a paragraph about something you want to do or do better during this new year.  Pope Francis has a few ideas:   Finish your meals, Make it a habit to ‘ask the Lord’, and Be happy.  Choose one of these to write about or use your own idea.

    • Remember to state your idea in an opening sentence.
    • Remember to write at least 3 details about how you will do this.
    • Remember to wrap up your paragraph with a feeling about your opening sentence.
    • ***Don’t forget to INDENT.


  • It is January and that means time for “All cursive all the time!” For practice, write your name and address in cursive. Here is an image of the cursive alphabet.

Image result for cursive alphabet

  • Image result for math clip artComplete the following math problems on paper.

   6,849                                 1,846                      7,932

+ 3,276                               +8,384                    +6,879


  • Image result for prayer clip artSay a prayer for those that are cold today because they don’t have a warm house to live in.


  • Image result for read a book clip artRead a good book.

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