St. Patrick Catholic School provides a safe, caring learning environment that fosters individuality, spiritual and physical well-being of all students, and prepares them to live and learn in an ever-changing world.


Regina Frazier
Regina has served St. Patrick School for the past twenty one years. She came to St. Patrick with a background in bookkeeping, having worked at a certified public accountant's office for sixteen years. She is the secretary as well as the bookkeeper for the school. Her daughter and son both attended St. Patrick School. "I really enjoy working with the staff here at St. Patrick where you feel the sense of family. I see the commitment each staff member makes to help each child become better both academically and spiritually."
Ms. Catie Nichols
Director of Catholic Outreach and Advancement for St. Patrick's Parish

Advisory Board

Becky Markley
Kathy Boyle
Lynn Shaver
Thomas Stark
Ms. Catie Nichols
Director of Catholic Outreach and Advancement for St. Patrick's Parish

Faculty & Staff

Krista Paugh
Pre-School / Pre-K Teacher
Mary Catherine Atchison
Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Lindsey Clevenger
Kindergarten Teacher
Kay Droppleman
Kindergarten Assistant and Religion Instructor for Kindergarten and First Grade
Susan Moody
First Grade Teacher
Alex Warn
Second Grade Teacher
Leslie Butcher
Second Grade Teacher's Assistant
Sherri Jackson
Third Grade Teacher
Melissa McConnell
Fourth Grade Teacher
Sydney Bush
5th - 8th Grade Teacher
Jennifer Ammons
5th - 8th Grade Teacher
Regina Frazier


St. Patrick School began its mission to provide excellent Catholic education to children in Lewis County 100 years ago. The school of St. Patrick Catholic Church, it opened its doors in 1914. Providing education to student in First Grade through Twelfth Grade until 1973, when it was reduced to 1st through 8th grade. Currently we provide education for Pre-School through Sixth Grade. The children of St. Patrick Parish and St. Boniface Parish, as well as area children who attend other churches, continue to come within St. Patrick’s walls to achieve, learn, and grow in their faith.


  • Average Years of Experience for teachers – 10 years
  • Average Years of Experience for full time aides – 16 years
  • Average Years of Experience for half time aides – 7 years
  • All teachers are fully certified by the Department of Education.
  • 70 % hold an AB Degree with hours toward advanced degrees.
  • 22% hold a Masters Degree + 30 hours.
  • 8% hold AB Degree
  • Our school has two full time teacher aides and three half time aides to assist students.
2017-2018 Students
2017-2018 Faculty
Years of Education

Vision Statement

St. Patrick School will be:

  • A place where students, teachers, staff and school families work together toward the ultimate goal of human existence – knowing, loving and serving God in this world, so as to live with Him forever in the next.
  • A place where school parents actively participate in the education of their children.
  • A place where students will be prepared to compete and/or excel in the world marketplace/economy by delivering “challenging curriculum” coupled with real world applications (banking, discipline, manners, etc), international depth, state of the art learning technologies, etc.
  • A place where teachers recognize the importance of parent and community support to ensure the students are given the tools to achieve academic success.
  • A place where Catholic school families provide a model of home living by praying and attending Sunday Mass together, and by participating in the sacramental life of the Church.
  • A place where students and families of all faith backgrounds are welcome to share the blessing of a Catholic school.
  • A place where teachers witness to the Faith by their words and deeds, and through prayer and example promote the ongoing formation and spiritual growth of their students.
  • A place where students grow in the love of learning.
  • A place where instruction in music, technology, art, and physical education as well as other enrichment programs provides a well-rounded educational experience.
  • A place where students are prepared for a life of service in society.Click edit button to change this text.