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Mrs. Bernadette Law (Hines), Class of 1945, shared her perspectives and memories about St. Patrick’s School in a. personal interview: Mrs. Law was asked her favorite memory of Saint Patrick’s. Her initial reaction was “There are so many, where should I start?” Her voice was filled with love and fondness as she recounted how she loved the school, but it was the Sisters that made the school so wonderful for her. One of her favorite teachers was Sister Mary Rose: “A large, classy woman. Every morning she would open the door with a loud ‘Bonjour!’ She was so sweet.”

Mrs. Law’s favorite story to tell had to do with Sister Bernice, who taught math. One day, Sister asked a nearly impossible question. The class was uncomfortably silent. Finally, Miss Francis Stark raised her hand: “Sister, I know the answer, but it’s a military secret.” The class erupted in screams and laughter, even Sister Bernice. When she was asked how St. Patrick’s School affected her life, Mrs. Law became somewhat serious and quiet: “You know, I grew up very poor in Alum Bridge, back in the ‘holler.” Even though she only attend Saint Patrick’s from 10th grade on, Mrs. Law says St. Patrick’s was and always will be her school. It gave her the faith and tools needed for a lifetime. Ultimately, she feels, “if it wasn’t for Saint Patrick’s, I don’t know what I would be like.” Lastly Mrs. Law was asked about what was the same and what had changed. She laughed, “Almost everything has changed, but the important things are the same.” She considers it to still be a place of faith, discipline, and excellent education and feels “Everyone should attend as soon as they can and for as long as they can.”

Bernadette Law

St. Patrick’s School is proud of our alumni, Mr. Jerry Bonnell (Class of 1950). Mr. Bonnell has recently published a novel: Burnt Tree Fork. The novel is a tale of inner struggle, survival in the wilderness, and a bit of murder as well. If you are interested in checking it out, it can be found on Amazon:…/dp/1732496846.


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