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Calendar Cash

Feb 1 Missy Riley Sold by::J. Cunningham
Feb 2 Jacqueline McLaughlin Sold by: S. Frymier
Feb 3 Marcia Murphy Sold by: R. Murphy
Feb 4 Judy Foster Sold by: R. Murphy
Feb 5 Debbie Ellis Sold by: L. Clevenger
Feb 6 Pat Fox Sold by: B. Paugh
Feb 7 Diane Goodrich Sold by: J. Luzader
Feb 8 Trenton Marsh Sold by: J. Cunningham
Feb 9 Scott Elliott Sold by: M. Cunningham
Feb 10 Mary Jo Roberts Sold by: E. Burkhammer
Feb 11 Tim Hamrick Sold by: M. Cunningham
Feb 12 Tom Levelle Sold by: E. Bollinger
Feb 13 Randy Mick Sold by: M. Cunningham
Feb 14 Angela Devericks Sold by: R. Murphy
Feb 15 Laura Murphy Sold by: R. Murphy
Feb 16 Mary Oldaker Sold by: E. Burkhammer
Feb 17 Bryan Radcliff Sold by: S. Frymier
Feb 18 Michael Bennett Sold by: R. Murphy
Feb 19 Lindsey Gum Sold by: S. Gum
Feb 20 Katie Wurst Sold by: R. Murphy
Feb 21 Cindy Dever Sold by: E. Bush
Feb 22 Jennifer Krieder Sold by: N. Geidel
Feb 23 Katherine Fealy Sold by: M. Cunningham
Feb 24 Jackie Stout Sold by: R. Murphy
Feb 25 Danielle Mick Sold by: M. Cunningham
Feb 26 Sandy Beam Sold by: S. Frymier
Feb 27 Michael Elliott Sold by: M. Cunningham`
Feb 28 Susan Pickens Sold by: J. Pickens



Choir Schedule Change

In order to help support the Christmas Pageant, the Choir will have a different schedule starting the week after Thanksgiving.  The Choir will meet Mondays and Thursdays after school for 30 minutes (2:45-3:15 PM) in the Arts Room on the 1st floor.

Picture Proofs

Picture proofs will be sent home with students today, Friday, November 2. We ask that all proofs and orders be returned by Friday, November 9. Once proofs are returned we can create the schedule for re-takes and absent students.

Chicken Pox Advisory

There have been reported cases of the Chicken Pox virus in the community. The threat of contagion and transmission at St. Patrick’s School is minimal; however, prudence and vigilance is always advisable. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the school at (304) 269.5547.

All Saints Day Celebration

We will have all school Mass on Thursday, November 1 rather than the normal Friday as we will celebrate All Saints Day, a holy day of obligation. Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade will have their class-mass on Friday. To celebrate the Communion of Saints, we are asking children to dress up as a recognizable saint for November 1. They may wear their costume all day, including mass! Help your child pick a saint which would serve a good role model and has things in common. Students who are not dressed as saints, should come in formal uniform.

2018 Halloween Parade and Parties

St. Patrick’s School will celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 19. We will begin by parading, then going to the gym after for pictures, and finally heading to the classrooms for the end of day parties. Since we are dismissing a bit earlier this year, we are asking parents to come in to help with costumes at 12:45 and begin the parade at 1:15. Please contact classroom teachers for party details.

Weston Bicentennial Celebration Parade

St. Patrick’s School has been invited to march in the Weston Bicentennial Celebration Parade. The parade will start at 1:00 PM from the Robert Bland Middle School.  We are asking as many students who can to please meet us at the roadway between the school and the athletic field at 12:00 PM, noon.  Participating students should come in their dress uniform (tennis shoes are okay since we are walking outside).  We will be walking together with our school banner and passing out St. Patrick’s Shamrocks to the spectators.  We would also like to invite St. Patrick’s Alumni to walk with us.  We will have Irishwear for purchase for alumni who wish to show their colors.  The path of the parade will be along Fourth Street to Main, up main to First Street and down it.  We hope everyone turns out to show their St. Patrick’s Pride!

2018 Trunk or Treat

This year St. Patrick School will unite with the Community Trunk or Treat held at the RLBMS field. It will be held on Sunday, October 28th from 6-7:30. St. Patrick School will have their own designated area and a tent representing our church and school. Set up will begin at 4:30 on October 28th. The event will also feature a Magic Show and Haunted House for everyone to enjoy. Parents interested in reserving a spot should contact Melissa Jordan at (304) 517.8619.

Fire Safety Awareness Day

Friday, October 12, St. Patrick’s School will have its Fire Safety Day. The students will be participating in a walking field trip to the local fire house. Our brave firefighters of Weston have prepared a series of activities to increase fire safety awareness, what to do in an emergency, and demonstrate the work of firefighters (e.g. hose work). Please contact your child’s teacher for details and if you wish to chaperone.