Chromebook Parent Training

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Chromebook Parent Training

In third grade at St. Patrick School we take pride in the handling and use of our Chromebooks. We feel blessed to have been given the opportunity through the financial support of our families in the Home School Association and the St. Patrick School Advisory Board to be able to have such great technology to enhance the learning experience.

Safe Handling At School and Home

  • Carry with two hands
  • Place carefully in middle of desk or work surface
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Gentle with keyboard and mouse pad
  • Turn off properly
  • Do not leave on floor or couch
  • Do not use other power cords
  • Must travel to and from school in the padded case.
  • No eating or drinking around the Chromebook

Home Internet Access

  • To connect your Chromebook to wifi, click the icon on the lower right,

    look for your wifi network in the connections and select it, and type the password for your internet.

  • Your child will sign in his/her google chrome account with his/her password.
  • All  other passwords your child will use are stored in his/her google chrome account.

Internet Safety

  • Never give out name, age, or location
  • Never open an email from a name you do not recognize
  • X Rule to close out a screen
  • Never share passwords with anyone except your parent or teacher
  • Be Christ Like in choices and communication
  • School Chromebooks should never access social media.
  • Always keep computer in a common area in your house.
  • Check your child’s email often.

Uses of Chromebooks

  • Writing and Reading
  • Creation of documents and presentations
  • Drill and Practice
  • Math
  • Spelling
  • Researching

Thank you for supporting our goal of enhancing your child’s education through the integration of technology!

Updated: March 24, 2019 — 10:39 pm