First Grade News! – Nov. 29 – Dec. 3

November 29 – December 3


This week we are reading the Fantansy story “On My Way to School” Our “Words to Know” for this story are: away, today, now, way, some, why. Students will need to read The Words to Know on Friday. Our Phonics lesson will be on “Long “a”. The Test for this story will be on Friday, Dec. 3. The Sight Word Test will be Monday, November 29. The sight words are: eat, out, black, came, so, now, pretty, went, brown, ate, good, under.


The Grammar Lesson this week is Aciton Verbs. We will have a Test on Friday.


The spelling words are written in the planners. We now have 10 spelling words. They are: late, gate, game, came, make, take, today, some, graph, chin Test will be Thursday.


We will finish Chapter 4 (Strategies for Subtraction) at the end of the week. We will have a review next Monday. Students will also be doing Rocket Math with addition. If they do not meet or pass their goal, then the rest of the page is homework.


We will be learning about Physical Characteristics of a Place.


Tuesday is T-Shirt Day!

Glove, Mitten, and Hat Drive will be ongoing through December 17th. There is a box in the cafeteria for collecting.

Food Drive – First grade will be collecting Box dinners or mac-n-cheese and jars of applesause. We have a class goal of 50 items. We have gone way beyond our goal!! Thank you so much. You may continue sending items in until the 17th. First grade has earned an Ice Cream Sundae party!!

St. Pats collected close to $600 for our 3 angels! Thank you so much to students and staff!!

Wednesday-Friday is the Secret Santa Workshop. Wednesday shopping is only for immediate family (those you live with) and pets. Thursday will be for other family members and Friday is used for those who were absent. I always encourage the students to shop for others and not themselves. This is a hard lesson but its also important to learn to put others first especially during this time of giving.

Upcoming Events:

Christmas Pageant – Friday, December 17 at 6:00 in the gym. First grade needs to wear Christmas clothing (like what they may wear to church on Christmas Eve)

Grinch Day – Monday, December 20. Students may dress as the Grinch, a Who or Max the dog. We do a lot of fun grinchy activities and eat some yummy grinchy treats.

Polar Express Day – Tuesday, December 21. Students may dress in their ugliest sweaters with uniform bottoms.

Wednesday, December 22 – Students may dress in Christmas shirts/dresses. We will be watching “The Star” in our ‘theater” (cafeteria) and in the afternoon, we will have our Christmas gift exchange.