First Grade Newsletter Dec. 2-6, 2019

First Grade Newsletter

December 2-6, 2016

What are we learning?


Story: Seasons (pages 80-99)

Words to Know:

  • down
  • green
  • open
  • fall
  • grow
  • yellow
  • goes
  • new

Grammar: Subjects and Verbs


  • ship
  • shop
  • which
  • when
  • whip
  • fish


Begin arctic animals unit. This unit will take a while, and will require work at home.  At the end of the unit, students will have to present a project about an arctic animal that they choose.  More info and requirements will be coming home soon!


Complete Chapter 4.  Take Chapter 4 test. Review chapters 1-4.


Wednesday: Math Test

Thursday: Spelling Test

Friday: Reading and Grammar Tests

Important Dates:

Thursday: Class Mass at 8:15 am

Friday: All School Mass at 8:15 am


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