First Grade Work – April 20-24, 2020

First Grade Work – Week of April 20-24, 2020



  • Go over Words to Know on pages 116-117 with your parents. Today, you read the words, and let your parents read the sentences to you.

  • Turn to page 120. Read about Clyde Robert Bulla and Stacy Schuett, the author and illustrator of this week’s story, A Tree is a Plant.

  • Listen as a grown up reads the story to you. For today, don’t worry about essential questions, just have fun reading the story!


  • Look at pages 156 and 157 in your reading book. Read about pronouns with a grown up. Tune into Miss Long’s video on Facebook explaining pronouns.

  • Write the sentences on page 157. Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns.


  • Write your spelling words in your planner or on a piece of paper. Read each word three times, and practice spelling it three times.

  • The spelling words are:

    • soon

    • new

    • noon

    • zoo

    • boot

    • too

    • moon

    • blew

    • soup

    • you

  • Think about what the words have in common. Each word has the same sound made by two letters together. Those two letters are oo, ou, and ew.


  • Write down a question you have about Earth Day and send it to Miss Long. She will answer your questions later this week!


  • Go to and have your parent help you sign up for a free trial. Begin practicing your facts. Spend 15 minutes today practicing math facts on Rocket Math!

Social Studies:

  • Click this link to watch a video about Earth Day!

  • Start thinking about this week’s project. This week, you will need to use at least five recyclable materials to create something new! You can use things like paper, bottles, paper towel rolls, cardboard, plastic, etc. Start thinking about how you can get creative! I will give more instructions throughout the week!

Something Fun:



  • Tune into the reading video Miss Long posted on Facebook today to go over a read aloud story, answer some questions, and learn some new words.


  • Choose three of the following indefinite pronouns. Write a complete sentence using each one.

    • Someone

    • something

    • anyone

    • anything

    • everyone

    • everything


  • Go to

  • Click the search icon and search school.

  • Type in Saint Patrick School WV.

  • Click on our school (it should be the only one).

  • Click on Susan Moody.

  • Scroll to find this week’s story, and play any of the free spelling games!


  • Write down one question you have about the read aloud you watched today.


  • Complete math textbook page 137.

  • Watch Miss Long’s video on Facebook for help.

Social Studies:

  • Brainstorm! Write three ideas of items you could make out of other items. There are lots of things you could make! Be creative with your ideas. Write them down and send them to Miss Long!

Something Fun:

  • Take a walk in nature. Think about how wonderful the Earth is to provide so much for us!



  • Go over Words to Know on pages 116-117 with your parents. Today, you read the words and sentences.

  • Take turns reading each page of the story A Tree is a Plant with a grown up.


  • Complete reading workbook page 127.


  • Complete reading workbook Page 125.


  • Answer the following questions:

    • Why are there labels on page pages 122-123? How do the labels help you find information?

    • How does a seed go from an apple to growing into the ground?

    • What are the parts of a tree you learn about on page 132? How are the parts connected?


  • Complete math textbook page 138.

  • Watch Miss Long’s video for help.

Social Studies:

  • Watch this video about how recycling works!

  • Decide on what you will make with your recycled items. Gather all items (remember, at least five).

  • Make a plan! Draw out how you will use your items to make something new. Think about how to put them together and how your new creation will work.

Something Fun:



  • Read Grow, Apples, Grow on pages 152-154.

  • Write one thing you knew, one thing you still want to know, and one thing you learned about how apples grow.


  • Think of ten different nouns. Remember that a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal.

  • Make a sentence with each noun.

  • Replace the noun with an appropriate pronoun.

  • You DO NOT need to write these sentences. Just practice them with a grown up.


  • Sort your spelling words into three lists:

    • words with oo

    • words with ou

    • words with ew


  • Think about the story this week, A Tree is a Plant.

  • Sequence what happens in the story by writing three sentences. These sentences should begin with first, next, and last.


  • Complete math wb pages 135-136.

Social Studies:

  • Build your creation! Have fun and be creative!

Something Fun:

  • Draw and color your own Earth!



  • Go over Words to Know on pages 116-117 with your parents. Today, you read the words and sentences.

  • Take turns reading each page of the story A Tree is a Plant with a grown up one last time.


  • No Grammar today! Happy Friday!


  • Ask a grown up to give you a spelling test. You do not need to turn this in. You may write the words or verbally spell them to your parents.


  • No writing today! Happy Friday!


  • Complete math workbook pages 137-138.

Social Studies:

  • Write about your creation! You should answer the following questions in complete sentences.

    • What five (or more) items did you use?

    • What is your creation?

    • How does it work?

    • How did you help the Earth by creating something new out of something old?

Something Fun:

  • Make a video of yourself using what your created and send it to Miss Long to share with the class!

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