Fund Raising

One of the ways that current St. Patrick’s families support our community is our fundraising programs. Because of the financial commitment that has already been made by sending their children to our school, we have chosen two fundraisers that give flexibility to how families can participate, either by paying the amount that they owe or they can raise the money from their friends and families. Our St. Patrick’s community is extremely generous, and that generosity is always shown during our fundraisers. The first fundraiser is our fall Fall Elimination Dinner. Each family will be asked to sell at least two tickets to our Elimination Dinner. Tickets are $25 each, each ticket holder enjoys a Baked Steak or Baked Chicken dinner with the chance to win $1,000.00. The second school fundraiser will take place in the spring and is our Calendar Cash Raffle. Each family is asked to sell at least 10 tickets for our Calendar Cash Raffle. Tickets sell for $10 each, ticket holders have an opportunity to win cash prizes (up to $500) throughout the month of February. If you have any further questions about school fundraisers, please contact one of our Co-Advancement Directors Keely Cunningham at (304) 517-0143 or Melissa Jordan at (304) 517-8619.


The St. Patrick School Advancement Program

The St Patrick’s School Advancement Program will now focus on cultivating new financial opportunities, strengthening alumni relations, and moving the school forward in the community. Two main programs that will be the focus of the Advancement Program will be the Annual Fund and the Foundation. The definition of these school programs are:

St. Patrick’s School Annual Fund
This is the general fundraising account of the Advancement Program. The money from these donations can be used for a number of different school areas, such as specified projects, maintenance issues, tuition assistance, budget concerns, and donations to St. Patrick’s School Foundation. This is a fund that participants will make a donation to as an annual pledge either with our mailings or through our online giving portal

Donate to the Annual Fund Online Giving Portal

St. Patrick’s School Foundation
This is the future-planning account of the Advancement Program. Donations from this program will not be used for any immediate needs, but will instead be allowed to grow to ensure the future of St. Patrick’s.

If any current student’s family, community member, or alumni of St. Patrick’s would like to donate, has any further questions, or would like to discuss further donation options, please contact one of our Co-Advancement Directors Keely Cunningham at (304)
517-0143 or Melissa Jordan at (304) 517-8619.

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