St Patrick’s SCRIP Program Information
SCRIP is a fundraising program for our school that does NOT require families to donate any money. Families purchase gift cards for various businesses, retailers, services, gas, groceries and restaurants. These cards act just like any gift card, and this is money you would normally spend. The school receives a percentage of each purchase back from Great Lakes Scrip Center. This percentage varies by vendor (1% – 18%) as you can see from the order form or on the website.

Online – From you may either submit a weekly order for physical gift cards, due by noon Monday (sent home on Thursday), or order ScripNow! e-certificates. ScripNow! certificates are sent directly to your email to print out or you may have the store scan on your smart phone using

You may also reload select plastic gift cards that you have purchased from SCRIP. ReloadNow! are refilled within minutes, while Reload orders placed by 3pm are reloaded overnight.

**ScripNow! paid for by Presto Pay is delivered to your account in minutes. ScripNow! paid by check usually not submitted until payment is received. MyScripWallet use requires Presto Pay. Full explanations are available in the FAQ’s at the website.

There are over 700 retailers available to purchase from Great Lakes Scrip. Our order form has the most popular or locally available vendors. However, you can order anything from the website, just by writing it in the blank section of our order form. There are many travel/vacation opportunities available, such as Disney, Hyatt, Delta, etc. has a total list of available vendors.

Methods of payment for SCRIP are cash, check and Presto Pay (online and MyScripWallet purchases).

Thanks to all of the families who participated in SCRIP last year!

If you have any further questions about SCRIP, please contact one of our Co- Advancement Directors Keely Cunningham at (304) 517-0143 or Melissa Jordan at (304) 517-8619.

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