Latin is taught across the curriculum from First Grade through Secondary. Latin is taught because it is the gateway to all other Romance Languages (e.g. Spanish, French, Italian), supports vocabulary development (two thirds of the English word-stock derive from Latin through French), and advanced studies. Most importantly, it allows the students to access source materials from the ancients and the Church.


First & Second Grade

Latin in First and Second Grade is taught through Songbook Latin. This approach is mostly learning small words and phrases through song. It is supported through handwriting exercises.

Third through Fifth Grade

Latin in Third through Fifth Grade is taught through the Latin for Children. The Latin for Children series follows a young boy and girl and their adventures living in Rome and the Empire. The series teaches Latin in a traditional manner with lessons focused on vocabulary and actual speech and translation.


Latin in Secondary develops into a more advanced series (e.g. Wheelock’s Latin) and begins to expose the students to Latin works in the original, such as the Memoirs of Caesar and the poetry of Ovid. Additionally, the students begin to learn the differences in Classical and Ecclesiastical Latin.

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