There are two main approaches to the teaching of science. In all grades, but particularly in the lower grades, Nature Studies is taught. Nature Studies is an approach developed by Anna Botsford Comstock. The approach is to allow the students explore nature around them and learn how to be good observational scientists. The second approach is direct laboratory instruction. In the second approach the students are taught the experimental process. In the older grades (third grade and above) the students use Delta Science Modules.


Kindergarten Topics:
  • Dinosaurs and fossils
  • Basic animal groups
  • Plants and plant parts
  • Water cycle
  • Solar System: sun, moon, planets, stars
  • Seasons
  • My Body: the Senses
  • Simple Machines: wheels, ramps, levers
  • Magnets
First Grade Topics:
  • Animals: birds, fish, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and insects
  • Plants: wildflowers, weeds, garden flowers, crops, trees
  • Human Body: the senses, the skin, skeletal and muscular systems, the digestive system, respiratory and circulatory systems, nerves and the brain.
Second Grade Topics:
  • Waterways
  • Rocks, minerals, and fossils
  • Soil
  • Magnets
  • Climate and weather
  • Astronomy
Third Grade Topics:
  • DSM: Insect Life
  • DSM: Food Chains and Webs
  • DSM: Plant and Animal Cycles
Fourth Grade Topics:
  • DSM: Earth Movements
  • DSM: Water Cycle
  • DSM: Solar System
Fifth Grade Topics:
  • DSM: Ocean Studies
  • DSM: Weather and Forecasting
  • DSM: Color and Light
Secondary Topics:
  • DSM: Simple Machines
  • DSM: Electromagnetism
  • DSM: Matter and Change
  • DSM: You and Your Body
  • DSM: DNA: Genes and Proteins
  • DSM: Plants in Our World
  • DSM: Earth Processes
  • DSM: Earth, Moon, Sun
  • DSM: Astronomy

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