St. Patrick’s School uses Singapore Math Dimensions! as a math curriculum. Singapore Math is a long established method for teaching mathematics developed by the county of Singapore during the 1980’s.

Singapore Math uses the theories of cognition developed by Jerome Bruner. To that end, the lessons are scoped and sequenced by taking development, as well as content, into account. Each lesson follows a pattern of natural learning: hands-on exploration, pictorial representation, and abstract thinking. A sample lesson would include students starting a lesson on place value with manipulatives, like blocks. The lesson would progress into drawing pictures to represent the values, and finally doing actual problems with numbers and value.


Singapore Math

A second main feature of Singapore Math is that everything is taught through the concept of the ten-frame. The ten-frame is simply that all numbers are made of or are parts of the number 10. This feature allows the students to access mental math and have fluency of basic arithmetic (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Additionally, the ten-frame facilitates left to right calculation (a more accurate and faster method).

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