Mrs. Walsh’s Science and Social Studies November 29-December 3, 2021

3rd and 4th Science –

We are reviewing the rocks and minerals unit and will be having our first science test on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021. Flash cards were made in the beginning of the unit and study guides were created on Monday.

3rd Social Studies –

Learning about Veterans’ Day, the first Thanksgiving and Squanto was a blast! We are now back to the branches of government and the reason for the constitution. Students have become official constitution detectives, complete with badges, and will look forward to a field trip to the court house or a guest speaker before the Christmas break!

5th and 6th Science –

We wrapped up the Rocks and Minerals unit before the Thanksgiving break. Since then, we have been diving into earth science, the layers in the planet, plate tectonics and movements. This week we will construct our own simulated buildings and test them in an earth quake. We will then reflect and brainstorm using a lab report to improve the designs and try to come up with various solutions to improve the integrity of the buildings.

4th-6th Social Studies –

4-6th grade students were sworn in as official U.S. constitution detectives! They have been racing to define specific terms as well as exploring a cartoon guide to U.S. history that explains how and why our country was formed.

7th and 8th SCIENCE –

Thanksgiving week offered an opportunity to become float and bridge building engineers. Since then, we have been discussing earth science including layers of the earth, convection currents (simulated with an oobleck lab), plate tectonics and impacts of those movements on human life and activity.


Tuesday is T-Shirt Day!

December 1 – 5/6th grade (1st place) and Kindergarten (2nd place) will meet in the gym for a photo with the car seats purchased from the money the school raised during the baby bottle challenge. Students will talk to Ms. Marylin form the Catholic Daughters who facilitated the heartwarming challenge and Ms. Young from the Weston Democrat who will write an article to publish in the local paper.

December 1-3rd – Santa Shop is here!

December 17th – The annual St. Patrick’s Christmas pageant at 7pm. All friends and family are invited and encouraged to attend!

December 24th – All students in grades 1-8 are invited to sing at Christmas Eve Mass at 6 p.m.  Please let your teacher know as soon as possible if you will be singing.   Deadline to let the teacher know is December 15th.  There will be two rehearsals with time TBD.  

Through the end of December – There is a mitten and glove collection drive going on in the cafeteria as well as each individual class is raising specific items for their homeroom. 5/6th is responsible for cereal and other breakfast items!

Coming down the pike! – There will be a class Christmas celebration where we will exchange secret Santa gifts and enjoy some educational Christmas fun. On Thursday, 12/2/21, 5/6th grade students chose a friend from class at random to have as a secret pal for Christmas. The spending limit is $20. Each student has filled out an information sheet to help spark some ideas. Have fun and be creative!