September 2021 Newsletter

St Patrick’s Newsletter for September is available. Click on the link below to view the newsletter and see the exciting things happening at our school.

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COVID Update

Dear St. Patrick School Parent/Guardian If your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID, please keep you child home and

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3rd Grade Easter Bake

Our third-grade students tried their hand at baking before Easterbreak. These talented bakers did a great job making a deliciousdessert!

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1st Grade Rocks!

Today our first-grade class practiced beginning sounds and long vowelsounds on their computers. After they finished, they had some artsand craft time by making some

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T-Shirt Tuesday is Back!

T-shirt Tuesday is back!!!!!!!! Our wonderful local business, HometownOutfitters, helped design a few new logos for our school. We then hadeach student and teacher vote

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Test Post Two

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