Plant Poster Projects for Thursday (4/18)

This week on Friday, the students will be inviting the Kinder and 1st grade classes to an botanical event in the classroom. Much like our pretend zoo from the first semester, the students have been working on understanding the life cycles of plants. In their studies, we have found some pretty unique plants and the students have chosen the following plants to present to the other children on Friday:

Aidan Flame Lily
Caleb Cobra Lily
Conner Devil’s Hand
Ella Victoria’s Lily
Emily Virgin Mary Orchid
Eva Dove Orchid
Gabriel Lobster Claw
Kaelyn Dragon’s Blood Tree
Kyanna Babies Breathe
Mckenzie Monkey’s Cup
Nolan Hammer Orchid

I am asking the students to make a poster like last time. Each poster must include the following items and be at least the size of two sheets of normal printer paper:

  1. Title and the student’s name
  2. The scientific name of the plant
  3. The locations that that plant can be found
  4. At least one picture of the plant (hand-drawn or printed from the internet)
  5. 3 unique facts about that species of plant. (hand-written or typed and printed) I am hoping that the facts are about the special nature of the specific plant and not just generalizations of any plant. (i.e. Do not state that the plant uses sunlight and water to make food through photosynthesis; all plants do that.
  6. The poster must have some aspects of color (to make it stand out)

I would love for these posters to be done by Thursday so that we can practice them in class. If for some reason a student is absent or forgets to bring their poster on Thursday, so long as it is present on Friday for the botanical garden experience they will not be penalized for lateness.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Updated: April 15, 2019 — 1:07 pm