Serene Second Grade Weekly Newsletter #13

Science- Fun Thanksgiving themed Experiments

Reading- Comprehension Reading Test Thursday

(We are trying out a new testing day so we can have Mrs. Moody’s help with test taking).

We are going to take a break from the Journeys Reading book during the holidays as it will be difficult to keep up with breaks coming up. We will be reading a chapter book called Stink: Twice as Incredible.


short- shrink- inches- feet

grow- tall- stretch- drank

ruler- small- shorter- taller


measure- incredible- gravity- shrinking

fantasy- morning- shrink- scientific


Grammar- Adjectives (begin to learn about adjectives but we will go more in depth after break).

Math- Begin Chapter 4- Measurements and Estimations in Centimeters, Meters, and Inches.


Important Information:

  • Thanksgiving Break is one week away! We are all in need of a small break and some extra time with family!
  • We are making a small change in our reading lessons. We are going to take a break from the Journeys book, as I stated before, because with the holidays coming up and some families taking much needed time away, it just makes more sense to take a step back and work on our reading skills with a few fun chapter books! I will still be doing spelling, vocabulary, and grammar based on the chapter books.
  • I plan on making copies of the sections we read each week so the students can take them home and reread the stories to help prepare for the tests.
  • WE are also trying out a new reading test day so Mrs. Moody can be there as an extra hand during the test.


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