Serene Second Grade Weekly Newsletter #33-Week 3 of NO SCHOOL

Please write in your best handwriting for all assignments. This is how you are getting handwriting grades since we can’t do our handwriting assignments as we usually do.

Science- Top Ten of Science Experiments You’d Like to Try!

Reading- The Goat in the Rug- pg. 279 (Main Text) and Basket Weaving- pg. 302 (Informational Text)

  • This week I have a couple of fun activities for you!
  • Activity #1- Category Challenge- Draw a grid on a piece of paper, 6 squares across and 4 squares down. Next choose 4 consonants and 1 vowel, and write them in the boxes 2-6 across the top of the grid. Then list animal, food, toy, and person down the side of the grid. You have to come with a word that starts with each letter, BUT it also has to go along with the themes listed on the side. (I’ll add a picture on the class page.)

  • Activity #2- T-Shirts- Design a shirt for one of the characters in this weeks story on a piece of paper cut into the shape of a T-Shirt. Decorate the shirt to reflect the characters personality and interests.

Vocabulary- Define it. Draw it.

  • delicious- very good taste
  • sharpening- making something have a sharper edge or point
  • spinning- twisting together material to make yarn or thread
  • weave- to make cloth by crossing materials over one another
  • strands- single pieces of thread
  • yarn- thick thread made of cotton or wool
  • dye- a substance used to change the color of something
  • duplicated- to have made an exact copy of something else

Grammar- Irregular Verbs have, has, had, do, does, and did.

  • complete WORKBOOK pages 113, 116, and 122.

Phonics- Suffixes y, ly, and ful.

  • Complete WORKBOOK pages 112 and 114.

Spelling- Fancy Words- students write each letter in bubble form.

Letter Shapes- students write each word one time, then draw boxes around each letter of the word. Then color in the boxes: Tall letters (letters that touch the top line) such as d and h in blue, Middle Letters (letters that touch the dotted line) such as e and a in green, and Low Letters ( letters that go below the bottom line) such as j or g in brown.

  • helpful

  • sadly

  • hopeful

  • thankful

  • slowly

  • wishful

  • kindly

  • useful

  • safely

  • painful

  • mouthful

  • weakly


  • friendly

  • thoughtful

Math- Chapter 10- MONEY

  • Lesson 1- Making $1- make a $1 in different ways. When given an amount of money less than $1, mentally find the amount of money needed to make $1. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 48-50. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 55-56.
  • Lesson 2- Dollars and Cents- count money up to $20 in bills and coins. Express money amounts using dollar notations ($), cent notations (c with a vertical line going down through the center), and dollar and cent notation (ex. $1.25). Read through and diss cuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 51-53. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 57-60.



  • Next week April 13-17 is SPRING BREAK!!! There will NOT be any assignments sent during break. Take that time to spend some quality family time together! I will send some fun activities if you would be interested, just let me know.
  • Would you like to continue doing Bedtime Stories during Spring Break? Dojo or Marco Polo me your request.
  • I love you and I hope you continue to work hard as we continue to navigate through this COVID-19 quarantine.

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