Serene Second Grade Weekly Newsletter #35- Week 5 NO SCHOOL

Last week was Spring Break and I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing, family filled time! BUT now it’s time to get back to WORK!


Social Studies- With your parents help, I would like to give you a few tasks to complete and you must take pictures or you completing these tasks! Task #1 -Make scrambled eggs and toast for your family (do this with an adult!) Task #2 – Wash the dishes! Task #3 – Write a Thank You note to someone who is on the front lines of this COVID-19.

Reading- Gloria: Who Might be my Best Friend pg. 245 (Main Text)

This week I have a couple of fun activities for you!

  • Activity #1- Kites- you will need a piece of paper cut into a diamond shape. Fold the diamond in half, then in half again. In the 4 triangles you have created, label them: Characters, Setting, Problem, and Solution. Use ribbon or yarn to give your kite a “tail”. Add paper bows and write important words from the story that you learned. You will fill the characters, setting, problem, solution, and words learned with information from this weeks story. I will send a picture of what it should look like.

  • Activity #2- Outdoor Scavenger Hunt! You must find and describe each item on this list using adjectives to help! An adjective, simply put, an adjective is a word you use to describe a person, place, or thing. For example, The QUICK rabbit ran around the BIG yard. Quick and big are adjectives.
  • OUTDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT LIST- something pretty, something you think is a treasure, something fuzzy, two kinds of sticks, a rock, a cloud, a tree, a leaf, a flower, and a bug.

Vocabulary- Write a sentence for each word. Be sure to use adjectives when you can!

  • heavily- with a lot of power
  • guessed- made a prediction about the answer of a question
  • planning- thinking about or deciding on something
  • copy- to do what someone else is doing
  • seriously- in a way that is not joking
  • answered- said something to someone as a reply
  • knot- the place where two pieces of string have been tied
  • lonely- unhappy because you are alone

Grammar- Adjectives

  • complete WORKBOOK pages 98, 101 and 107.

Phonics- Homophones and Idioms

  • Complete WORKBOOK pages 97, 99 and 108.

Spelling –Write words 3 times each

Write a sentence for each word (make sure you know the meaning of each word so your sentences make sense!)

  • meet

  • meat

  • week

  • weak

  • mane

  • main

  • tail

  • tale

  • be

  • bee

  • too

  • two

BONUS WORDS- figure out the homophone for each of the bonus words

  • base

  • been

Math- Chapter 10- MONEY

  • Lesson 3- Making Change. Make amounts of money within $20 in different ways. Convert from cents to dollars and cents or from dollars and cents to cents. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 56-59. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 61-64.
  • Lesson 4- Comparing Money. Compare amounts of money within $10. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 60-63. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 65-68.



  • I miss you all so much and I feel like you all, parents included, need a little extra boost right now sooooo….YOU CAN DO THIS!!! YOU MADE THIS FAR, YOU CAN GO FARTHER! KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! LOOK UP WHEN YOU NEED GUIDANCE!!!

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