Serene Second Graders Weekly Newsletter #15

Science- SNOW

Reading- Comprehension, Vocabulary, & Grammar Test Thursday December 5, 2019.

(REMEMBER we are trying out a new testing day so we can have Mrs. Moody’s help with test taking).

 We will be reading a chapter 3 and 4 in Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid.

Spelling- TEST Friday December 6, 2019.

newt- luck- slugs- skin

lost- toads- float- raft

life- clean- scoop- comic


salamander- tadpoles- slime- drain

shedding- poisoned- friendly- disposal


Grammar- Plural Nouns. ( I was going to continue adjectives after break, but I feel the students did well enough to move forward. We will do a review of all grammar lessons before Christmas and have a big grammar test before the new year.)

Math- TEST WEDNESDAY December 4, 2019.

Continue Chapter 4- Measurements and Estimations in Centimeters, Meters, and Inches.


Important Information:

  • We begin Christmas Play practice this week! The Christmas Play is Friday December 13th at 6 p.m.
  • We will be learning 2 songs in Second Grade, We Three Kings and Do You Hear What I Hear. I will be teaching sign language to one of our songs as an added learning experience for our little humans!
  • Information about our Christmas Gift Exchange will be coming out this week as well! I am doing things a little different, so be excited!
  • WE ARE STILL COLLECTING PASTA AND GRAVY for the food drive. We have meet the goal I originally set, but I feel we can continue to bring in food and meet my hope food goal, 100! We already have 60 items I believe and have until the 15th to continue collecting. Just think of all the full bellies we can make during this Christmas Season! I am calling it SECOND GRADE helps FEED THE MULTITUDE!
  • Snow is coming, BE SAFE and WARM!


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