Serene Second’s Weekly Newsletter #36- Week #6 of NO SCHOOL

Science- Use a plastic bag and a cup to make a parachute for a small toy. Be creative. Make sure the toy you choose isn’t to heavy or it will make your scientific process difficult! Write out the steps that made your parachute successful.

– Germs- Growing Mold (this activity should be done at the beginning of the week since it will have to “grow” for the week)- using a 4 pieces of bread and sandwich bags, you are going to see if you can “grow” mold! On 1st piece of bread wipe your unwashed hands on the both sides of the bread, then place the slice of bread in a sandwich bag labeled “Unwashed Hands”. On 2nd piece of bread wipe washed hands on both sides of the bread, then place the slice of bread in a bag labeled “ Clean Hands”. On 3rd piece of bread wipe a door handle or drawer pull on both sides of the bread, then place it in a bag labeled “door Knob or Drawer Pull”. On 4th and final piece of bread, place it in a sandwich bag labeled “Untouched”. Place slice 1 and 4 in a cooler place, like one in the fridge and one in the freezer. Place slice 2 in a dark room. Place slice 3 outside on your porch or somewhere outside. Make a HYPOTHOSIS on what you think will happen to each slice. Then check on the 4 bags everyday and keep a journal on what happens to each slice.

Reading- Half-Chicken pg. 315 (Main Text)

The Lion and the Mouse pg. 336 (Traditional Tale)

This week I have a couple of fun activities for you!

  • Activity #1- Design/Draw, Decorate, and Write- Using paper, crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils; draw a picture of a scene you would like to see all the time if you were like Half-Chicken and the building you would like to be sat on top of. Be thoughtful and creative. Once your picture is drawn, write 3-4 sentences discussing the place you picked and why.
  • Activity #2- It Made Sense- have children create a sense chart: two columns of five rows, one for each sense ( sight, smell, taste, hear, and touch). Use this weeks story to fill out the chart. ( An example of this activity will attached)

Vocabulary- Write a sentence for each word. Make Flashcards.

  • peacefully- calmly, not fighting
  • blazed- burned or shined brightly
  • empty- not full
  • stream- flowing water, lake a small river
  • flung- threw hard
  • swift- fast
  • tumbling- falling and rolling suddenly
  • tangled- twisted and mixed-up

Grammar- Irregular Action Verbs

  • complete WORKBOOK pages 128, 131, 137

Phonics- Prefixes re-, un-, over-, pre-, mis-. Silent Consonants

  • Complete WORKBOOK pages 127, 129, 133

Spelling -ABC Order

Write the words in you BEST HANDWRITING

  • unhappy

  • retell

  • untangle

  • unkind

  • repaint

  • refill

  • unlike

  • remake

  • unpack

  • reread

  • unlock

  • replay


  • misled

  • overlap

Math- Chapter 10- MONEY

  • Lesson 6- Adding Money. Add amounts of money within $10. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 66-69. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 73-76.
  • Lesson 7- Subtracting Money. Subtract amounts of money within $10. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 70-73. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 77-80.


  • Some of you have expressed some concern about availability to books. I have found a website/app that allows the children to read books online and I can keep track of their progress from the website/app! It is called epic! and the class log in is awu6377. Please feel free to use this as often or as little as you wish, I just wanted it to be available to all families. Also, let me know if you have trouble using this.
  • I love you all so much and I wish we could see each other more than just on Marco Polo. I have been throwing around the idea of using Zoom to do a math review of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. If this is something you would be interested in, please Dojo or Marco Polo me. I do not want to add anything to your own plate, I just am trying to think of new and exciting ways to keep them all involved and excited about learning!
  • I love you <3 Mrs. Oldaker!


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