Serene Second’s Weekly Newsletter #37- Week #7 of NO SCHOOL

Social Studies- How to balance a checkbook! You have a total of $100. You spend $30 on groceries, $25 on gas, and $10 to wash your car. You deposit (put money into the bank) $75 for helping your neighbor cut their grass. How much money do you have left in the bank? How to make a phone call! Call someone in your family you haven’t spoken to in a while and see how they are doing. How to set the table! Help your parents set the table one night for dinner.

Reading- From Seed to Plant pg. 349 (Main Text)

Super Soil pg. 368 (Informational Text)

This week I have a couple of fun activities for you!

  • Activity #1- Event Cards- retell the story in pictures on the front of a half piece of paper. On the back of the paper use words to describe what happens in the picture you drew.
  • Activity #2- Food Riddle- Choose a food and make a list all its characteristics without telling what the food is. For example,orange- bumpy, round, sweet, juicy. On Thursday night, on Marco Polo, we will take turns to read off our lists and see if we can guess what food each person picked.

Vocabulary- Write a sentence for each word. Make Flashcards.

  • grain- tiny particle, like a piece of sand
  • pod- a soft shell that holds seeds
  • soak- get very wet
  • soften- to make soft
  • root- part of a plant that is underground and soaks up water
  • shoot- part of a young plant that grows straight up from a seed
  • tasty- having flavor that tastes good
  • nutrition- [art of food that is good for health, like vitamins

Grammar- Irregular Action Verbs

  • complete WORKBOOK pages 143, 146

Phonics- Prefixes re-, un-, over-, pre-, mis-. Silent Consonants

  • Complete WORKBOOK pages 142, 144

Spelling -Stair Step

Rainbow Words– write consonants in green and vowels in blue

  • tall

  • saw

  • dog

  • draw

  • call

  • fall

  • soft

  • paw

  • ball

  • yawn

  • log

  • small

    Bonus Words

  • squawk

  • launch

Math- Chapter 10- MONEY

  • Lesson 5- Practice A. Practice counting and comparing amounts of money. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 64-65. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 69-72.
  • Lesson 8- Practice B. Practice adding and subtracting money. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 74-76. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 81-84.
  • I will be sending a few extra questions later in the week, through Marco Polo to your families individually, to help wrap up the chapter on money.

<3 Mrs. Oldaker

My Go To Bible Verse When I Worry About Money (or anything really)

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