Serene Second’s Weekly Newsletter #38- Week 8 of NO SCHOOL

Science-Draw, label, and color the life cycle of a frog! If you need help one of our readings this week has the life cycle of a frog!

Reading- The Mysterious Tadpole pg. 385 (Main Text)

From Eggs to Frogs pg. 410 (Informational Text)

This week I have a couple of fun activities for you!

  • Activity #1- Accordion Books- We are dividing the story up into 4 parts; First, Next, Then, and Finally. Fold the paper forwards and backwards until you have a small book that looks like an accordion. Fill out each part with our story. (I will post a picture of the activity)

  • Activity #2- Contractions- Make a list of 12 contractions throughout the week. What is a contraction? It is a shortened version of the written and spoken form of a word, groups of words, or syllables by leaving out certain letters and adding a n apostrophe. Example: cannot- contraction can’t.

Vocabulary- Make Flashcards. Find the vocabulary words in the story and write the page numbers on the flashcard with the word.

  • confused- unable to understand what is happening
  • sensible- showing good judgment
  • upset- unhappy or worried
  • control- the power to make things happen the way you want them to
  • suspiciously- in a way that shows you do not trust someone or something
  • training- the process of being taught something or of preparing for something
  • cage- an enclosure made with wire or bars meant to keep something inside of it
  • ordinary- average or common, not special

Grammar- Contractions

  • complete WORKBOOK pages 158, 161

Phonics- Words with oo, ew, ue, ou

  • Complete WORKBOOK pages 157, 159

Spelling -Stair Step

Rainbow Words– write consonants in green and vowels in blue

  • root

  • crew

  • spoon

  • few

  • bloom

  • grew

  • room

  • you

  • stew

  • boost

  • scoop

  • flew

    Bonus Words

  • rescue

  • route

Math- Chapter 12- Time

  • Lesson 1- Telling Time. Tell time to the nearest minute. Relate time on the clock to the amount of time that has passed between a time on the hour (“o’clock”) and a time to the minute within that hour. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 98-102. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 111-114.
  • Lesson 2- Time Intervals. Determine elaspsed time in minutes within 1 hour, and in hours, given the start time and end time. Tell the end time given the start time and the elapsed time. Read through and discuss TEXTBOOK PAGES 103-106. Complete WORKBOOK PAGES 115-120.
  • ALSO use free/spare time to practice/review times tables, basic addition and subtraction, and money! These are things that can be done on the spot, while eating/making meals, or during a car ride or walk. These are skills that will be used throughout the rest of their lives and if we can make it easier by taking a few minutes a day to review/practice, let’s do it!
  • Make sure you are READING!

Pin on Music

  • This is a GREAT SONG and we listened to it on repeat in class. Not as much as Kids Bop 🙂  What is your families favorite song?
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