Snow Day Items (2/1)

Happy End of the Week!

Along with the items from the previous post, all of the following items will be due on Monday when we return to school:

1. Look around your house and find something that is an inconvenience or a problem. Design and draw a solution to your issue. All designs should be drawn on a piece of paper and described in 4 sentences or more. Make sure that you are stating the problem you are solving as one of the sentences. Note: you do not need to actually make the item. Pretend that you have unlimited resources to create your invention.

2. Read one book of your choice with someone else. The book should be at your reading level so that you (the student) are reading and sounding out each word with minimal assistance. 

3. On a piece of paper, draw and color the cover for a sequel to the story you read. The sequel should be entirely fictional and not actually exist. Note: You need only to make the cover of the new book; you do not need to write the story itself.

Updated: February 1, 2019 — 8:28 am
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