Tech Day – Friday, February 1st

Let us be the first to wish you a very happy February! 

January flew by! :-)

We pray that you are all staying nice and warm during your snow days – enjoying time with family, getting some much needed rest, and healing from the crazy sickness that has been spreading the last few weeks. 8-O

Although we have given you quite a few things to work on, we have a few more assignments we would like for you to complete. Check below. Enjoy your weekend! We will, hopefully, see you Monday! 


Reading/Language Arts: 

Please go to your grade in the English IXL skills. 

Work on these throughout the weekend!

5th: B.1 B.2 and E.1

6th: C.1 C.3 and E.2

7th: C.1 C.2 and E.2

8th: C.1 C.2 and E.2



I would like you to research the Sons of Liberty – a key group during the Revolutionary War. Please fill in the following bullet points and send them to me via email. 

REMINDER my email is –>

  • Who were the Sons of Liberty?
  • Who were their members? 
  • How/why were they formed?
  • How did they get their name?
  • Where would they meet?
  • Major actions/events they took place in?
  • Three interesting facts
  • Overall, why were they important?

These are some websites that should help!

I am sure there are more! There are also YouTube videos and interactive slides you can access. Just search for them via google. 8-)


SCIENCE – Go to the following website and tell me the name of the “Picture of the Day” and give a brief description of the picture:

MATHComplete the following IXL Skills, which can be found in the 4th Grade section: E.1, V.1, and AA.3.

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