Tech Day – March 4, 2019

Here are your Tech Day assignments for Monday, March 4, 2019.

Please complete the assignments before Tuesday’s class! 

8-) Stay warm and enjoy your day off! 8-)


> Please remember that HSA will be serving a Pancake and Sausage lunch on Tuesday – weather permitting! 

> If you have not completed your Bibliography for Latin, you need to work on this as well! Your bibliography is due on Thursday to Father Devise! 



Visit the following website:

Read the short article on Molly Pitcher. 

I would like you to type a three paragraph paper on Google Docs in the following format. Send it to my email when you are finished! { } 

Paragraph 1: Who was Molly Pitcher? 

Paragraph 2: Why was she important to the Revolutionary War?

Paragraph 3: What did you find interesting about Molly Pitcher? Would you have been as brave as she was during the Revolutionary War? Why or why not? 

Afterward, please take the 10 question quiz at the bottom of the page. Print out your results or screenshot the finished screen and send it to me. If you cannot find the link to the quiz, here it is below.

PLEASE COMPLETE BOTH THE PAPER AND THE QUIZ BEFORE TUESDAY’S CLASS. This will prepare you for the lesson ahead! :-)


Reading/Language Arts: 

Please go to RLA in IXL and to your grade level! Work on the following skills below.

If you have not completed the IXL from last week, email me and I will send you those skills, as well. These are NEW SKILLS.

5th grade: L.3 L.4 L.5 

6th grade: K.2 K.3 K.4

7th grade: K.3 K.4 K.5 

8th grade: K.3 K.4 K.5


Science: Please complete the following IXL skills: U.1 and U.2 found in the 4th grade skills.


Math: Please complete the following IXL skills: D.6 and M.4 found in the 4th grade skills.

Updated: March 4, 2019 — 8:19 am