Tech Day – Thursday, January 31st

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Hi students! We hope you are all safe and warm for day 2 of the polar vortex! It is super cold outside and we are praying that you are enjoying your days off {whilst staying extra cozy and avoiding those frigid temps!}

We will be leaving Wednesday’s Tech Day assignments up for reference! 

See the information below to find out what you need to complete for Thursday’s Snow Day!


Reading/Language Arts: 

I would like you to read one chapter in a book of your choice – it can be one you are already reading or a book you just started – and write two paragraphs along with it. The first paragraph should be a summary of what occurred in the chapter. The second should reflect on what you think of the book so far, along with what you believe might happen in the next chapter! Make sure to list the title of the book and your name! You may write these and bring them to school, or email it to me! It is entirely up to you! If you choose to write them by hand, please do so neatly.



I would like you to continue working on the IXL skills from yesterday. If you have not completed those, please do so! Also, check RenWeb and if you have ANY low IXL score grades {anything from a 0, F-C} please work on bringing those grades up. 

Here are yesterday’s IXL skills that you need to complete: 

A.1 (reading a map) and B.1 (identifying oceans and continents)


MATH – Complete IXL Skills M.1 and M.3 in the 4th Grade Skills section.

SCIENCE – Click on the following link and read the article referenced.  Write a short paragraph (6 sentences minimum) summarizing what the article is talking about.

(If the link is not working, just type the above website address into the search bar and it should direct you to the page.)

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