Tech Day – Wednesday, January 30th

Hi Folks! 

We hope you are staying nice and warm on this lovely snow day!

Listed below are your assignments for Tech Day. These are due TOMORROW, Thursday January 31st! {Unless they are IXL Skills in which you need to at least start and complete by the end of the week} 


Reading/Language Arts: 

I would like you to read a news article and summarize what you read – as we have been doing in previous weeks. 

> 5th-6th grade – you must complete ONE ARTICLE SUMMARY AND CITATION.

> 7th-8th – you must complete TWO.

Here are the specifics. :-)

First – Go to one of the following websites and choose an article that fits your interests! You may choose CNN, Fox News, Nat Geo, Smithsonian Mag,, BBC, The Huffington Post, Washington Post, The New York Times, The DoDo (for animal people), NASA News

Second – Read the article. 

Third – Open Google Docs to type your document. {If your power goes out and you have no access to internet, I will accept written work. Your handwriting just needs to be NEAT and legible!}

Fourth – You must write two paragraphs. The first summarizing the important points/facts of what you read. {NOT JUST THE FIRST SENTENCES OF THE NEWS ARTICLE} The second paragraph must be opinionated. What do you think about what you read? Predict what will happen. How do you feel? Why did you choose this article? 

Fifth – CITE YOUR WORK. Follow the MLA guidelines below from Purdue Owl on how you should cite websites. Many of you have been doing this properly, some are still failing to do so. You MUST include the author, date it was published, the Publisher, URL, etc. NOT JUST THE URL. If you do not cite your work, it is plagarism. 



Author’s Last name, First name. “Title of the Article or Individual Page.” Title of the website, Name of the publisher, Date of publication, URL.



I want everyone to go to 5th grade in IXL and complete the following skill sets in social studies: A.1 (reading a map) and B.1 (identifying oceans and continents)



(1.) Please list 6 (true) facts about Pluto.  You may use the following websites to find your information:;;; and

You MUST cite the webpage(s) that you used on your paper.  (Use the MLA guidelines Ms. Bush is asking you to use for RLA!)

(2.) Go to the following website and tell me the name of the Picture of the Day and give a brief description of the picture:



Complete the following IXL skills in the 4th Grade section: D.2 and D.5.


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