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Why I love St. Pats
The first time I has ever been in the school I felt so welcome. My principal greeted us so very nicely. The school is so nice, warm and welcoming. But what I love most are my teachers, staff and students. The first time I ever met my homeroom teacher she was so nice and my classroom felt like home. The students are so nice and welcoming. My first day of school was amazing. I felt like I had been in that school for years. The other students, teachers and staff treated me the same way. I love that I’m getting an amazing education and that I can get closer to God and I am learning so much more about him. I highly recommend St. Pat’s School.

Camryn Lambert
6th Grade Student

Camryn loves St. Pat’s, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the classroom and education she’s getting. She has gone from a child who didn’t really like school much, to a kiddo that loves going to school and is eager to learn! We feel extremely blessed to be part of the school.

Jen Truman
Mother of Camryn Lambert, 6th Grade

Why We Chose St. Patrick’s
When deciding where our daughter would attend school, we did look at St Patrick School first. My husband’s older daughters had both gone there and we knew it has a nurturing environment. When doing our tour , I was surprised with the curriculum and ideas. Especially in a year such of this with all the uncertainty we are blessed to a part of this school. My daughter just loves her classmates & her teachers.

Leslie and Brian Bennett
Parents of Josie Bennett, Kindergarten
St. Patrick’s is the Perfect Fit
Molly has always struggled in school and in March 2020 when the governor closed the schools we did our best to keep up. At that time there really wasn’t a virtual option. We started the school year in public school but the virtual aspect still was lacking. I knew we needed to make a change quick, two days a week was not enough for my daughter. After meeting with the school staff I felt confident that this was the right choice for Molly. Not only did it feel like a safe environment; I felt that the administration was better prepared to jump into virtual school. While a lot of public schools are struggling due to the pandemic St Pats is moving forward with the times and the virtual aspect is growing every day.
Laura Anderson
Mother of Molly Anderson, 2nd Grade

We are so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful school to send our girls to. They have had a great experience so far attending St. Patrick’s School. We truly feel that the school has afforded them the education that they need with an appropriate and fun curriculum. The staff is not only knowledgeable, but genuinely cares about each students success. Our girls look forward to going to school everyday! We are excited to have them continue their education at St. Patrick’s School.

Chad and Megan Westfall
Audrey (3rd grade)  London (Kindergarten) 
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