Your donation to St. Patrick School will help a student achieve an outstanding education in an excellent institution. Their success depends on your generosity!

Consider these ways to donate:

  • Support a Student program
  • Annual Fund
  • New Window Project
  • St. Patrick School Charitable Foundation

When you sponsor a student, you help financially needy families overcome the challenges of tuition payments. Not only will you make a dramatic difference in the life of a child, but you will also serve as an example of the compassion and selflessness St. Patrick School strives to instill in its students, the community’s future leaders. Your tuition contribution of any amount (Catholic – $1939, non-Catholic – $2947) can be allocated to students with the most need or a student of your choice. Contributions can be made monthly, quarterly or annually.

The Annual Fund helps purchase religion books, technology software and hardware, teacher salary enhancements, and special projects. Your donation insures that St. Patrick School will continue to provide “an excellent beginning” for its students.

The new window project will allow the installation of energy-efficient windows in the school. The cost is expected to be $80,000. You may designate your donation to help replace windows that are more than 48 years old.

The St. Patrick School Charitable Foundation is the endowment that provides a monthly income to the school for operating expenses. Your donation will build on a fund that has been in existence for more than 25 years. It is an investment that will continue to multiply with God’s favor.

If you would like to help…

Supplies for individual classrooms can be purchased here:

If you would like to help more…

Tuition Assistance for students can be provided here: