Week of 2/11-2/15

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Hello all! 

We are so happy to have made it through the week. It was a pleasant time staying home – thanks to the snow days! However, we are sad that the students missed such a fun week of events for Catholic Schools Week. 

> On Wednesday, February 6th, the students presented their country research projects whilst partaking in the Multicultural Food Fest! It was a lot of fun. The students did a wonderful job presenting and sharing their findings with the school. Each grade took a turn walking around and visiting the posters, up close and personal. We received several positive comments and cheers. ‘Twas a good day. I sent home final grades for their projects via a printed out slip. They have also been uploaded on to RenWeb. Some earned homework passes, while others earned a special quiz pass for their extra hard word! I am super proud of everyone! It was evident just how much time and effort was put forth into completing this assignment. Thank you for baring with me. I know it was stressful. 

> On Friday, February 15th at 1:45 pm, the school will be hosting Valentine’s Day parties for each class! We are super excited to spend this with each of you. Please feel free to attend and celebrate. 

> Choir will now take place during school on Friday’s. As our new music teacher is traveling from Pittsburgh, this time was the most convenient for him.

> Progress reports will be sent home February 13th. Report cards will be sent home March 4th. Parent Teacher Conferences are set for the evening of March 7th (3:00-5:00)!

> Any donations of tissues, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, hand sanitizer, and paper towels would be GREATLY appreciated! ♥

See below for additional announcements! 


Reading/Language Arts: 

The students are continuing their Shakespeare lesson with Dr. Scheu. Last week, they took their Act II quiz. Grades have been posted on RenWeb. This week, the students will begin Act III. On Tuesday and Thursdays, the students will continue working on their Shakespeare projects. It is now a crunch time period. We are hoping to see more projects completed within the next two weeks. Thus far, they have been amazing! 



We have now finished our Pre-Revolutionary War lesson. On Monday, the students will receive their study guides along with playing two rounds of Kahoot. I will send them the link to the Kahoot, as well, so that they can study at home. The test will be on Wednesday, Feb. 13th. 

♥ Here is the link for the Kahoot Review Game, just in case! https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=73f5a9e6-ee79-4d09-a509-007695c81da2

♥ They can also study for their test here –> https://quizlet.com/15773656/leading-to-revolution-flash-cards/ (these were provided to me by another teacher)

After the test is completed, we will move in to the Revolutionary War. We will begin discussing key people (Washington, Paul Revere, Jefferson, Adams, etc.) and key battles. I plan for this to be over within the next two weeks. (Fingers Crossed) 

Any questions, please let me know!
Email me at any time. 

Sending you love and blessings, 

     Ms. Bush



Science: Students have continued taking Cornell notes on the planets. Last week, we focused on Pluto. We will continue taking notes of Pluto this week, as well, as we complete the Unit. Students must keep their Cornell notes in a safe place, as these are useful for the test and will be collected separately for a grade!



Math: We are continuing to make our way through the chapters. 



Mrs. Ammons

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