In-Class – quizzes of Friday 5/18

Reading: Pg 487 “Two of Everything”, Vocab on Pg 482, quiz Friday

Math: Reviewing all the topics from this year, short quiz Friday

Spelling: Pg 205 or in the planners, quiz Friday

SS: We are studying money, markets and business ideas. Playing a business game and stock exchange simulation (very rudimentary)

Religion: Reviewing the material they have learned this year


As the school year winds down, and many of my students will not be present the next week, here are a few grade related reminders:

  • I will be going through zeros with the students to get caught up. I will send lists home today. (Tuesday)
  • AR points are due by the end of next week. We will not reach another 100-pt goal but most students are already done with their 6 points. I will send home notes for those still missing points.