Week of 9/10 (Mr. Warn’s Birthday!)


And a happy weekend to all of you! Last week went very well for our first week with me as the teacher. Please remember to pack a snack for each day and that our 2nd grade mass day is on Thursday from now on. So as to not confuse, here is the short version:

  • Thursday is the K/1st/2nd grade morning mass. Normal dress is fine.
  • Friday is all school mass. Formal dress required. Feel free to pack shoes to change into for recess though!

In an effort to broaden communication between all of us, please email me at atwarn@gmail.com. Until the diocese gets us our company email handles, I have forged this one with the singular purpose of speaking to all of you. Never hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns for the foreseeable future!

This next week is a full week with a number of exciting items on the docket. Please refer to the below sections for a list of our week’s upcoming activities:


  • Math: We will be continuing our journey through Singapore math stylings with “clumping.” This is a process of looking at a set of numbers and learning to clump them together to that they can make groups of ten. Once a student can mastery forming tens, adding and subtracting becomes much faster in their heads.
  • Reading/Writing: We will be visiting the library Monday to gather or return library books! We have begun do Accelerated Reader quizzes to reach the goal of 3 AR points per semester. If the AR program is foreign to you, do not hesitate to email me! (It was for me until yesterday!)
  • History: We have begun our roman studies Roman for the year! If you come across any cool or interesting ideas of activities to pursue with young children, I am very open to ideas. Having never taught history before (even though I love it!) I am a little light on things we can do to bring the past to life for 2nd graders…
  • Religion: This week we will continue to practice the prayers that are typed on the sheet on the back of each student’s folder. We begin school each day reciting these prayers as a community before we depart for our classroom, so it is very important that the students work toward memorization of these verses and understand their meaning over time. We will also begin the story of creation and attempt to see where we, as humans, fit into God’s plan. Prayer for us!
  • Technology: We will use our chrome books to assist us in understanding math, reading and history topics as well as utilize them for AR quizzes when the students are ready.


  • Choir will begin Thursday, September 13 from 2:45 – 3:15.  Everyone K-8 are invited to join.
  • Chess Club will be starting up soon.  More info later.
  • We will be celebrating Grandparents Day on Monday, September 10.  All grandparents are invited to eat lunch with the grandchild/grandchildren. We ask grandparents to bring a lunch for themselves.  Students may either have a hot lunch or a cold lunch.  We eat lunch at 11:00.  A note is going home with students today, Friday, August 31.

·         We will have Mass on Friday this week.  Please remember all students are to be in their Formal Uniform.  A collection is taken each week, if students wish to bring in change. Parents are always invited to come and sit with our class.  Mass begins at 8:15.


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