Week of 9/2


This is my first attempt at posting on the website so I apologize in advance for the items I will inevitably forget to add to this communication. My family and I are in the process of unloading our moving truck this weekend (talk about a Labor Day weekend…) so my mind is reeling with many things and I am sure that some will slip until I can get myself settled. Please pardon my mess!

I am very excited, however, at the opportunity to teach 2nd grade at St. Pats this year. I have taught at the high school level for ten years and I love that i get to branch out to something fresh and exciting! I got to send all of the last week shadowing in the classroom to get myself familiar with your children and the routines of the school. I am confident that next week will progress as swimmingly as the last! Here is what our students can expect for this week’s activities:


  • Math: Last week we introduced a new style of understanding mathematics. Dr. Scheu brings with him many exciting changes and not least of which will be the Singapore math style. It is a style that I am well acquainted were students will focus more on grouping numbers into tens rather than counting by ones. Last week we learned the system and practiced grouping numbers up to 99. This week I plan on adding in the hundreds place as well.
  • Reading/Writing: Due to the short week, I will be sending home a shortened list of spelling words for our test on Friday. Most of the words will be words that the students will begin to hear a lot of as we delve into our year long history topic. My hope is that the children can get a few of the meanings under their belts!
  • History: Our main topic for history this year will center on the Roman time period. I plan on talking about many of the interesting cultural and and social constructs that we can see parallels in today. Learning about the time of which Jesus lived will make understanding many of our faith components all the sweeter!
  • Religion: As I am a youth minister during the summer in the diocese, Dr. Scheu has put the instruction of the religious enrichment time on me. As my faith is my passion, I relish this opportunity to help our students grow in their Catholic faith. This week we will continue to practice the prayers that are typed on the sheet on the back of each student’s folder. We begin school each day reciting these prayers as a community before we depart for our classroom so it is very important that the students work toward memorization of these verses and understand their meaning over time.
  • Technology: We will use our chrome books to assist us in understanding math, reading and history topics.


  • No school on Monday, September 3.
  • We will be celebrating Grandparents Day on Monday, September 10.  All grandparents are invited to eat lunch with the grandchild/grandchildren. We ask grandparents to bring a lunch for themselves.  Students may either have a hot lunch or a cold lunch.  We eat lunch at 11:00.  A note is going home with students today, Friday, August 31.
  • We will have Mass on Friday this week.  Please remember all students are to be in their Formal Uniform.  A collection is taken each week, if students wish to bring in change. Parents are always invited to come and sit with our class.  Mass begins at 8:15.


Mission Statement – St. Patrick Catholic School provides a safe, caring learning environment that fosters individuality, spiritual and physical well-being of all students, and prepares them to live and learn in an ever-changing world.


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