Weekly Overview for 3/11/19

Class Weekly News:

This week we will be taking the Terra Nova Standardized test.  Please make sure your child has a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast each day.  Snacks will be provided by the HSA.

Friday, March 15 Jeremy and Jenny Garton will be providing a Pizza lunch for our school.  Students may bring a cold lunch if they wish.

Banking Day will be on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

We reached our 100-point class goal for AR points! This Friday, the students have decided that they wanted an ice cream treat party. Treats will be provided by the school. The students are still required to obtain 6 AR points by the end of the year individually. The students have set another 100 point goal for this quarter with the hope of a fun outdoor activity for a reward. The event is TBD by the students when they get close to their goals end.

During Lent, students will be voting for their favorite Saints.  Each vote is a penny.  No more than $1 a day is allowed.  All proceeds will help other children in need through the “backpack” program.

This Friday there will be an all-school assembly to watch and support our Odyssey of the Minds participants. Parents and family members are invited to attend as the students show us the presentations they have worked so hard on! The assembly begins at 1:00 pm in the gym.

Class Topics for the Week:

Reading: We will have vocabulary on page 240 of the textbook. The story for the week can be found on page 245; Gloria who may be my best friend.

Math: We will continue exploring fractions. The hope is to finish them this week by comparing different fractions in order to order them from least to greatest and such. We will also add more basic fractions together. (Such as 2/7 + 4/7 = 6/7, 5/6 + 1/6 = 6/6 or 1, and 1/2 + 4/2 = 5/2 or 2 1/2)

Religion: We will be learning about Jesus life; from the nativity to the crucifixion in order to assemble a relative time line in class.

Cursive: My hope is to progress to the point where students feel comfortable writing in cursive full-time for preparation for next year. We will be finishing capital A – capital I this week.

Spelling: Homophones word list on page 100 of the workbook.

Grammar: We will be learning about adjectives more and more as we master the identification and use of nouns and verbs. This week we will tackle magnitudes of adjectives. (i.e. -er vs. -est endings and how they compare) We will also have some fun with idioms and figures of speech and their actual meanings.


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