Yesterday’s Cursive Assignment

I want to apologize for last night’s undue amount of homework. I assigned 5 pages of cursive at the beginning of school to work on during class and finish at home. It was my intention for the students to have only 1 or 2 pages left to do after school. After observing Gabriel’s attempt and speaking (via email or in person) to a number of other parents, it became very clear that that amount of work was not the reality. Speaking to students this morning, many claimed to have stayed up until 9:00 pm working on up to 5 pages of cursive after school. (and Odyssey, for whom that applies.)

Once again, I apologies for what I can only assume was a frustrating night. My rule has always been, and in this case was intend to be, that homework should only take thirty minutes or so to finish. Between the times in class I give students to proactive and work on homework and the strategically small amounts of work that I generally give, most students should be at or below that time frame each night. If you and your student are finding yourselves consistently working more than one hour a night on items from me, please email me because I don’t want that. (We will figure out how to help that problem.)

As for last nights assignment: I have looked at all of the hard work the students have done and I plan on making this assignment extra credit so that it gives a boon to all those that toiled and struggled but doesn’t hurt those that could not finish in the time allowed.

As an added bonus, for the sake of those that still have make-up work from absences and the late evening we had last night I do not plan on having any homework tonight. (2/12) Please enjoy the added family time tonight!

Updated: February 12, 2019 — 10:37 am
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